TrailTech on XR650R

Hey, guys, Mrs. Santa gave me a TrailTech for Christmas. And it's even the one for XRs! :cry:

Anyone run into any issues mounting one on a 650R?

Have any suggestions about magnet placement? :cry:

Any info would be appreciated!

Mounts easilly in the old odometer bracket and the magnet just epoxy it into one of the holes in the brake rotor........ you must drill the caliper or anchor if I remember right to mount the speed sensor . I just took some real small wire ties and secured the cable to the front brake hose. Took all of about an hour and works well. Hope this helps.......... H-2 :cry:

Spend a few more bucks for the billet mount. You can remove the computer easily when you wash the bike. Water seems seems to short them out... I think I've been though a dozen of them. Don't lose your receipt for warrantee purposes.

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