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2T Husky rider goes WR426!

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I have been a loyal HuskyWR250 2 stroke rider for the past 5 years and decided to make a move to a Yamaha WR426 2001 (will get it this week)!. My former Husky pals tried to pursuade me to the Husky 400T, but I decided not to. Can I roost the Husky 400T with my WR426?

This site is really cool and all that I have looked for in my entire 15yrs enduro expirience.

Can someone tell this rookie 4T rider how the 426 should be properly warmed up. Can I leave it run idle, or better better not (like 2 strokes varying revs), for how long it needs to run after a cold "Brazilian temparature" start?

What minimum octanage fuel should I run, as fuels come in different qualities here in Brazil.

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I can tell you it may take a month or more to adjust to the WR. You may not like it totally stock-they are very restrictive stock. Undo the airbox lid and exhaust baffle and enjoy the power! Also some chassis mods (raise forks, change gearing, shorten chain and new tires) will really make it handle like a champ.

I've never rode a Husky 400. A 510, yes, and it was a horribly vibrating monster with almost TOO MUCH torque.

As far as warm up, as a general rule with stock jetting it may take up to 4 minutes of idle, then gentle riding for the next few minutes for it to warm up. After you rejet and set it up right, the warm up time will be much shorter. I can generally start to ride after about 1 minute, but I rarely ride hard until I've gone at least a mile.

Note: I'm sure you've read how to start this beast. Take note to NOT keep giving it gas like a 2-smoker when it's cold. You can just about guarantee a plug foul if you do that. Stay off the gas until you're ready to ride it. Modulate the idle up a little to keep it running when cold, not the throttle.

It takes some time to learn this bike. But the reward is there!

As far as roosting, well with just the basic modifications it may be hang in a drag race with the TC. However, converting to YZ timing will yield a considerable gain in the mid and high RPM ranges. A WR400 converted to YZ specs will be competitive. 26 more cc's should bring it over the edge.

Fuel is a tough question. The octane rating seems different for the US. In the US, a 92 octane fuel is the same as 95 elsewhere in the world. I would say minimum 92 for Brazil, but if you hear any pinging at all, drain the gas and stick with 95. I've found that performance varies from brand to brand, both on the WR and my YZF600 street bike (12.5:1 and 12:1 compression respectively).

Of course we here in the US get the worst gas you get-oxygenated with methanol is the norm.

BP seems to make the bike run horribly. In fact, none of my vehicles run well w/ BP.

Shell/Sunoco works for me pretty well.

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