Yet Another WR450 Jetting Question

Greetings all, great forum you got here. I was referred by the folks at Promotobillet. Please be patient as I am a newbie.

I have an 03 WR450 with a shortened throttle stop screw and and Promotobillet 96db muffler end cap. I usually ride in the So. Cal. high desert at about 3000-4000 feet with temps typically 40-70F. Anyone out there with a similar setup to offer suggestions? Thought it might be easier to copy someone else to get me in the ballpark, then fine tune from there.

Don't mean to sound lazy, but after working on this bike for the first time to check valve clearances, I realized that making speed runs and checking plug conditions is no small task!

Thanks for the help

Go with 165 main, stock needle in clip #5 or JD needle Blue #3 or 4, 48 pilot jet. Zip Ty adjustable fuel screw start at 2 turns. :cry:

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