Shipping a XR650R Help!

I just purchase a new XR for my Christmas present and need to ship it from the LA area to Portland. I have a friend who is doing the shipping but am curious as to what flluids should be drained. Gas, oil, coolant? We are trying to get a crate from the local Honda dealer before we build one. Any advise would be helpful.

I'm receiving my new (to me) BRP from Allied Van Lines in the next hour or so. They just ask that you drain the gas before they pick it up. If there's any chance of the bike seeing sub-freezing temps, I'd make sure the anti-freeze is adequate.

I have shipped 2 sportbikes with Allied. Rode them there to the warehouse. I haven't needed to drain anything. Allied is the way to go. You can save $$$ if you drop it off at their warehouse.

I have a shipping quote through my work for $135.00 This is using a regular frieght company which means I will need to have it crated. Also who knows how many times the crate could get tipped over. How expensive is Allied?

The Bike is brand new so the Anti freeze should be good.

I've used Forward Air. They have special metal crates for shipping bikes. I shipped a VFR 800 from San Diego to Milwaukee for 450 bucks. I took the bike to the shipper, strapped it in to a crate and they had it there in four days.

I bought an vintage Husky from Portland, Ore. and had it shipped Forward air from there to San Diego. Cost was $300.00 and the seller boxed it for me.

try a google search for iron horse transport. i used them and they were AWESOME!! and the cheapest too!! :cry:

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