Which Brake Fluid?

Just curious as to what fluid some people are running. I know not to mess with that goofy purple silicon based stuff they put in cruisers (5.0 in the US, europe doesn't recognize the silicon fluid & designates what the US refers to as 5.1 as 5.0) & from some stuff I've read in many cases, DOT4 can have higher wet & dry boiling points than the newer DOT5.1 I was suprised to learn that 5.1 was specifically designed as a lower viscosity fluid for use in ABS systems. Anyhow, what are you guys using?


DOT 3 or DOT 4.

The only time that I've noticed a loss of performance is from when I've been inadvertenly dragging the rear brake during a HS race. Since then, I've adjusted my rear brake lever so that I no longer drag it by accident. Brakes have been fine ever since.

5.1 is the best

I was kinda hoping for brands. In the past I've mostly used Belray, but I hear a bunch of people talking about Maxima stuff nowadays.

Lockheed 5.1 and its non Silicone based so there are no water issues like with 5.0

yamalube brake fluid is not a bad choice, they all eat paint.


i use no name DOT4, well, it has a name but not worldspread

DOT means standard, so no diffrences should be felt through diffrent manufacturers

reality is diffrent, some claim their oil has higher boiling point...change oil more often, and have no overheating problems..why you get this problems overall? because this oil has a tendency of collecting water into itself, wich makes it less heat resistent through time

in systems, that use dot 3 and 4, dot 5.1 can be used (better but needing even more often changes), but dot 5.0 is not to be used because it is not ment for hydraulic brakes of that kind - kills seals

I think there is only two us companies that make the brake fluid. I have never had any problems using what Wal-Mart sells.

Based on everything I've heard & what I've researched on the web, Motul RBF600 is the stuff I'll be using. I wonder if I can find it locally (STL, MO), or if I should just order some from the TT store...

New lines & stuff showed up today, :clap: Tragically, I won't have time to install them for tomorrow's ride. :cry:

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