YZ250 or YZ450F???

:cry: I have a 2000 YZ 250 w/ a Pro Circuit pipe and Boyesen Reed cage. The bike is real quick and I'm very happy with it but I know where I can get an IMMACULATE 2003 Yz450F for $3,700. I know the original owner and the bike has only been ridden about 10 times.

My question is, does anyone think it would be worthwhile? Is there a noticeable power increase? I race some local hare scrambles, GP's and sometimes ride a motocross track here in Nevada.

For those of you that have ridden both bikes what would you do? I've heard that the 4 strokes are VERY diffcult to start once you drop them.

Myself, I'd go with the 450 in a heart beat. Yes, it does have more peak horsepower, but that's not the difference. The deal is that the 450's power is pretty much always there. Everthing over about 5000 IS the meat of the power band. Plus, 4-stroke power is much more controllable. The bike is heavier (it feels heavier than it is) and it will take a little getting used to, but most people don't go back. Ride it and see.

ride it and see 1st dont just go by what people tell you its all riding style mostly but i love the 450

The 'o3 YZ450F has a monster of a motor, AND it hooks up -- that's what really sets is apart from the YZ250. Not much additional weight, but it is carried higher and gives it a sort of top-heavy feel by comparison. With the auto-decomp the thing *almost* kicks over as easily as the YZ250. The clutch is also a bit heavier than the smoker. The surprising thing about it is the lack of torque just off idle -- it likes some revs to motor off in stock configuration. I really like the bike, but prefer the YZ250 for the tight confines of New England woods. The 'o3 450F has an amazing motor for a stock dirtbike.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'll get the "F" for a great price so I think I'll have to buy it and if I don't like it then I'm pretty sure I can get my money back and just keep the 250 2 smoke.

Finally got to ride the 450 over the weekend. WHAT A MACHINE! I never thought I would say this but my YZ 250 is slow. After riding the 450 I can't understand why people are still buying the 2 smokes. The 450 has so much more power it's unbelievable. I'm officially converted.

Welcome to the club...

thanks for the follow up...I'm currently trying to decide between a yz450f or a yz250 right now..coming from a yz400f, but responses like yours make the decision easier for sure.

Finally got to ride the 450 over the weekend. WHAT A MACHINE! .... I'm officially converted.
:cry: It usually doesn't take a lot more than that.

Popular mods you may want are a little more flywheel weight, especially on the '03s, and a few Hinson or YZ426 parts to smooth out the clutch.

It takes a little more wrangling to flip it through an 'S' turn, but you'll like it once you get it. And don't shut all the way off when leaving the crest of a jump; the engine braking will put you nose down like you wouldn't believe.

Then, the only other thing is to pay no attention to the "never touch the throttle" crowd as far as starting goes. True, they normally start best at or near an idle, and you can NOT do the two-stroker "twist as you crank" thing, but you will have to twist the throttle a few times to prime it when it's cold, and you will find that opening the throttle part way (usually not much) helps if it doesn't start up at first.

Keep the oil and filters clean, and you'll find it hard to wear the thing out.


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