Rims Needed!!!

I am in need of new rims or used...for my 2001 YZ426. Please email me asap if you have any or know where I can get a set for a descent price. I dont want to drop $1000 for new Excel's.


Yeah, new rims are expensive for sure. I wish they made spokeless rims like on street bikes. I know you can buy the rims without spokes and swap the spokes off your existing rims and that will save you money.

Check out ZipTyRacing.com. They've got deals on take-off rims(19" and 21"). Those guys run 18" and 20" rims, so they've got a few OEM take-offs to sell.

I have rims!

But only rims. no complete wheel assemblies. You may want to clarify what you want.

What color are the rims? I'll take complete wheels or just the rim...I can have them laced. Are they new? Shape? Etc....Thanks!

just take off rims.

I have a DID 19x1.85 from 05 250F

DID dirt star 21x1.6 and 19x1.85 used from 2001 Kawi 125

Then a few Excel 21x1.6 front rims.

Give Joe Browning a call at http://www.sumorallparts.com He just got a YZ250 in and I think those rims/wheels might work. Tell him Mike Nellis sent you. Might not get you a discount but you never know. :cry:

Just about any online place has either the front or rear for under $100 bucks.

I've got stock rims I could sell from my 2000 yz 426 in great shape just bought new ones.

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