Attn.BillS or thekannatakid

I have a 2000 WR 400 that is street plated, but far from road worthy.Lately I have felt the need to cruise on the blue beast down the main drag to the park on Saturday night. I know from searching old posts that you have gotten or were getting Baja Designs dual sport kits for your bikes.I want to get one but I would like any info you could provide on them before I order.What was your landed cost on the kit?How long did it take to get the kit?Did you have any trouble with customs,B.D.,or the product? Did you get the basic kit or the DOT approved kit?Was the install easy?Have you had any problems with the product after the fact? What are you using for a speedo? etc.etc.etc.Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thnx.P.Z.

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I do not have the Kit, but my WR is street legal. I use Pirelly MT 21 Tires, they are great - I have been using them on all of my bikes. For speedo, I bought the Trail Tech speedo from for $70 it is specific to WR. Baja designs sells the same thing for $80. Also, I have a hyrolic break light switch ($20), mirror adaptor and mirror for ($30). Scotts performance products sell a WR specific license plate holder for $20.

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I recently installed one on a CA. WR250F. Kits are slightly different based on local regulations. Call them and they might have specific thoughts w/ regards to Canada. I would avoid the DOT approved break light unless you have to. It looks ugly compared to the stock light. The stator modification is the toughest part of the install and takes the most time, the rest of the install is a snap. The Trailtech speedo is must, as well as the Scotts license plate frame if you can get away with not having a light for the plate. My kit took 2 weeks to deliver.

Trailtech speedo = Panoram? Just wondering. Thnx.P.

Pete- Yes, trailtech=panoram. I wouldn't bother with the cable driven unit. First, it's hard to find one that fits. Second, most are at best 10% off-that is you may be going 50, but it says you're going 55.

The trailtech unit (not the rockymountain unit!) works like a charm. Very accurate with max speed, ave speed, odo, trip meter(s), and more. Also it's light at 4 oz's compared to probably 2 lbs of mechanical analog odo.

I'm not street legal, but I've been considering it. Building your own kit to your local regulations in the cheapest way to go. The BD kit I hear works quite well, but at over $400 seems pricy for signals, lights, regulator, switches and wiring.

I was considering called a junkyard and inquiring how much all these parts would be from an XR650L, KLR250/650. Probably quite a bit cheaper

Does anyone know if there is a cable-driven speedo available that uses the stock odo drive and cable?

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Yes, Baja designs sells one. It is 1980s honda XR speedo.

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