2wd wr450

has anyone heard about the new 2wd bike i know it is wacky what do you think?



I would love to have a 2WD bike there wouldn't be many thinks that could stop it. It is pricey though $12,000 I think!

thats nuts i cant belive how much the thing costs but i think it would be fun i have not found much on it yet though it is not in yamahas web site yet

I would rather buy 2 bikes then get a 2wd drive for $13,000.!!!!! :cry::cry::cry:

From what I've read in the past...it definately helps in slippery conditions driving out. Been used before in paris/dakar races. Basically the front wheel is drivien hydraulically...or some such liquid. When the bike rev's up...it spins the front wheel...maybe 10-20% power of the rear wheel. I don't know all of the specifics.

Me? I can't get out of my own way with one wheel putting down power. You think I'm stupid enough to pay $12K for a bike where I can run myself over with both wheels? I don't think so. :cry:

I would love to buy one. :cry: I can't afford it though. :cry: I read about it in dirt rider mag, sounds great. A few more years, they will all be 2wd. Then, we will nostalgicaly(?) buy "old school" rear wheel drives from the 90's (and again pay too much) :cry:

Good reports in Dirt Rider (November 2004)

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