Something to look at.

Nail :cry:

Nail :cry:

This is what I got on Christmas Eve.

I went riding Christmas but, not for long.

Lucy, ju got some 'splainin' to do!

I don't know which was gnarlier, the nail or the missing finger.

If you have three teenage boy'z that are helping with the work and they have there friends over you would get the picture. I was nailing the siding on the wall and had already yelled at then twice for screwing around. Now, they were throwing dirt! I was nailing the corner and was almost at the bottom when, I got hit by dirt and lifted my head to realy yell. That is when the nail gun slipped off the wall and hit my left hand. I hand the trigger pulled. I have no feeling in the back of my hand so, it doesn't hurt. I pulled the nail out at the hospital with a Leatherman because they didn't have anything big enough to grab onto the nail. The little doctor couldn't pull it out so, I did.

The poor left hand. It hasn't had that good of life. Got blowen

apart in 1986 and put back together. Missing the top of the ring

finger. No feeling in the palm or back of the hand. Wrist is a mess,

fused, pinned, screwed, bone cut in the clear. Corpel tunnel surgury.

Now, it gets a nail through the top of the hand and the bone in there

broken. :cry:

nice :cry: it matches the screw :cry:

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