Completely out of time.......

Ok, so now the bike is really out of time. Apparently when I was yz timing the bike before, the intake cam jumped too. What i need to know now is what is the easiest way to retime a wr 400. Forget the yz time stuff, i just want it to run again. So now i am starting from scratch i am afraid. According to the book, the punch marks should line up with the top of the head when the motor is at TDC. I should also have 13 pins between the two 12 oclock marks. Correct? In the picture in the shop manual, it is only showing 12 pins and it is for a wr400. I remember seeing that it was 13 on here. Will the marks line up exactly horizontal on the head or will they be a little off. Man did i screw this up.

13 links can never be the same distance as 12 links! Your mark on the exhaust cam will not be at the 12:00 position. :cry:

I know that the exhaust cam will be turned slightly in yz time. What i need to know is will the cams be in the same positions in wr time. I am trying to put it back the way it was before i f'ed it up.

The cams should be pointing away from each other and there should be 12 links between top of the 2 cam sprockets and the cam sprocket punch marks should be at 9:00 & 12:00 on the exhaust cam and 12:00 on the intake cam. Keep in mind that you have to have the crank on the correct rotational stroke. Your manual should have pictures of the cam sprocket timing marks at the right position. :cry:

Ditto what Dan (INDY450) said. I did the same thing about a year ago. If you have a manual, make sure your at TDC. Putting the bike in 5th gear and then finding the "I" in "HI" in the timing hole is the best way to get it to TDC and keep it there. Then, look at the timing marks in the manual. Get both cams close (make sure cam lobes are facing away from one another) and set the exhaust cam 12 pins (yz time) or 13 pins (wr time) off of the intake cam. Always set the exhaust cam off of the intake came.

Hope this helps.

Ok after screwing this up as much as I think I could, I believe that the bike is back right again and not only that, in yz time. Now I should just have to rejet and do a little 'adjustin' to the carb and off I go. Thanks for all the help guys.

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