XR650L 1st Dump

well i dumped her today for the first time. now she's broken in. anyway, a couple of questions.

1) broke the handlebars. what's a good aftermarket replacement?

2) the shift lever bent far enough in to crack the cover on the crankcase. i need to replace the crankcase cover for sure. but the shift lever looks ok. so that would lead me to believe that whatever the shift lever is attached to must have bent? what do you guys think?

I doubt the shaft the shift-lever mounts on is bent. I've also bent the shift-lever on my L severely. Unless it's been bent enough times to weaken it, you can probably just bend it back.

For the crankcase cover, you might consider using something like JB Weld to fill/mend the hole. I've read of some guys doing that successfully.

Renthals and Pro Taper are good quality aluminum replacement bars. The stock ones usually go with the first crash. Good replacements will take many spills without bending.

sgifford's right, just straighten or replace the shifter (IMS) and see if everything shifts OK and there is no sign of leaks. I've bent a boatload of shifters but never damaged the shaft or other transmission component.

As far as bars go I at 6'2" I find both the Jimmy Button or CR Hi bend bars to be much more comfortable than the stock bars.

I'll second Pro Tapers. I would not worry about the shaft for the gear shifter either. Did you wreck in the dirt or on the street?

as for the cracked side cover, take it off and get it welded up. maybe add a little extra there for future mishaps

I'll second Pro Tapers. I would not worry about the shaft for the gear shifter either. Did you wreck in the dirt or on the street?

i'd like to tell you that i wrecked while under the influence of gravity after a knarly air experience. but the fact remains that i rode all day in the dirt without even laying her down. my mishap took place while loading my bike in my truck at the end of the day.

the scenario:

i have a ramp and a stool that i stand on while walking my bike up into my truck. half way up the ramp, with the front tire already in the bed of the truck, one of the legs on the stool that i was standing on broke. physics took care of the rest. i know, i'm retarded. darwin dictates that i got what i deserved.

anyway, when pulling the left crankcase cover to decide to replace of use some JB Weld, what parts will need to be purchased and replaced (gaskets, washers, O-Rings, etc)?

If you or someone you know can tig weld, you should be able to patch that sucker up no problem. Won't look perfect but will be just fine. Do you have the punched out part?

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