anybody need xr650r parts

I'm ready to buy a 2000 xr 650r so I can but the front end on my crf 450

I'll be selling EVERYthing else Anybody need cheap parts help a feller out

Sent you a PM.

me 1st

Whats the rear brake rotor look like? If its in good shape I'm interested. What do you want for it. Whats wrong with the 650 that you are parting it out other that your useing the front end?

How much for the rear wheel?

Rear mudguard, chain slider?


I will get the bike on friday IF I can find a buyer for the motor, That is the high dollar item I do not want to be stuck with. Im calling a guy interested in the motor today, if he wants it I'll get the bike and start stripping it down for you guys! I'll post some prices and more info tomorrow. thanks for the interest, I hope I can get it. Oh I forgot NOTHING is wrong with the 650 it will just be cheaper to buy a bike, keep the front end, and sell the rest, versus buying a new front end from Honda ( $1500-1700)

I would be interested in a stock tank if it's in good shape! Thanks....

I've got a set of Honda CR/CRF clamps with the lower clamp steering stops machined to fit the XR650R steering head - let me know if you're interested TooFast @ 303.579.0654

I have a stock tank that is new condition.

$50.00 +shipping

What would you want for the stock exhaust headpipe?

I've got the bike I need to sell the motor first Starts easy runs great! NO case damage of any kind. no leaks. $800 for the motor or $1600 for the entire bike minus the Front forks and wheel! 606-367-1362 Call mackie

interested in your clutch and decompression perch do you want to sell it and for how much

do you have the stock carb? if you do and would ship to the UK then I'd be interested... cheers :cry:

How much for the throttle housing and tube?

How much for side panels and fenders?

Hmmm, the guy is putting 650r forks on a crf and he's from Kentucky. If I didn't think Honda hooked him up for free, I'd have to think that we're talking with Scott Summers! :cry:

Actually I got a chance to ride Summers' bike and the susp. was awsome. I rode my crf and his back to back and the 650r forked bike was unbeliveably smooth in the rocks and roots. He is helping me set my susp. up to "Summers copy" specs.

The 650 engine and frame are now sold. See the PARTS and acess. For Sale section for remaining parts and prices.

thanks MACKIE

Hey All,

I met him this weekend. He happens to know Scott personally. Mackie is a good guy. See what he has for sale. I have the engine I bought from him for sale.

all plastic 35


I'll take it if it's still available! let me know how to pay and shipping to zip 23836. I left you a phone message too.



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