I can't believe I'm doing this...

It looks like I need to sell my 01 WR 426.

It is in excellent shape. If you are interested, email me at rwhitlock@novell.com for all the details.



PS. I am in Utah


Unless you're planning on buying an '02, resist this temptation at all possible costs. I sold my KX back in '91 due to a divorce and was miserable for 9 long years. Never again!

And if you still must let your Blue Lady go, I tip my glass to you bro and wish you clear air on happy trails.

Marc, You are one of the good one's bro :)

I hope you and I are going to buy 2003 WR's

Get ready for Laughlin after Summer!!

Yo Dan, wazzup! I'm more than ready man and can't wait for another x/c trip. When are you gonna get you @ss up her for a ride?

How about next weekend!!

Sounds good Dan. Anybody else want to come? Glen, Ron, Khris, Paul? Bring plenty of water, something to eat on the trail, and plenty of gas.


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