Chain on 650R

Is it really necessary to run the one piece chain?

Will a good O-ring Like The RK be enough?

Gearing up for BITD races

Saw a masterlink on a Sidewinder chain break and take out the case on a 600, would'nt have happened with a continuos chain or a case saver.Honda recomends using only a staked link chain. The RK chain isn't too bad. I've used the DID ERV and the Sidewinder chains and don't find they last any longer than the 70 dollar chains but they will take a harder hit in the rocks.

I switched to a DID with masterlink and have been pleased with the performance. Logged about 500 miles with the current chain with no issues to speak of. Only adjusted twice, seems to be pretty rugged. I carry a couple of spare master links in the fanny pack, I think that's why I've never needed one :cry:

I have had good luck w/ the stock chain? Anyone know what they cost compare to a good aftermarket one?

The stock chain is a good chain. You can always buy a master link for it if you don't like the continuous link. Trouble with stock is I run a 51 tooth on the back and I don't like adding links. I also use the DID Xring which is the best chain I've used. It takes some real doing to get them to stretch.

Yeah the stock chain does seem to be pretty good. I've never had to replace it in four years and 6k miles so far. It's showing it's age now, though.

I've heard two different ideas about using the continuous chain, like the stock one, and the chains with a master link.

One theory says that since the bike is a four-stroke, and very torquey, that it will cause a master linked chain to fail, and master link to fall off.

The other theory says that any good quality aftermarket chain with a master link will work, and the link will not fall off or break.

I don't know who is right.

Something's gotta give though, because I really want to gear my bike up for dual sport, and that would mean adding links and a master link of course. I tried fitting a 15 tooth sprocket to the front and the stock chain on my bike is just entirely too short for that. Other guys have said that their stock chain will handle a 15 tooth, so I don't know what the deal is.

i just put my new erv2 chain on with a motion pro riveting tool :cry:

i hope i did it right :cry:

here is a pic

jeff :cry:

jws, where did you get the rivet tool and what did it sell for?

i just put my new erv2 chain on with a motion pro riveting tool :cry:

i hope i did it right :cry:

here is a pic

jeff :cry:

I borrow the rivet tool from my local Honda shop when I want to add links to a chain. They know me and I have bought two XR650s from them, so they lend me a few tools every now and then.


I prefer a rivet if I'm adding links but I use a master link on all my bikes and have yet to have one fail.

jws, where did you get the rivet tool and what did it sell for?

ThumperTalk - $90.00

The OE chain you can buy from Honda is a dam good chain for the 650...American Honda runs it and they log A LOT of miles on those bikes.I am pretty sure it is a major name brand chain in honda packaging.

If I recall, the Motion Pro riveter can be had from Marietta Motorsports for less $$$$. $90 is retail.

I just tried to order the ERV2 chain and got the VM from DID? Same thing or what?

It's different, but the VM is a high quality chain in itself. Should work fine, it's got a pretty high tensile strength.

The VM is what comes stock on the xr650r. The VM is a good O-ring chain. The X-Ring is the next step up and not too expensive. The ERV2 is what team Honda uses and it has the highest tensile strength of the 520 chains from DID and it's also the most expensive 520 from DID. RK also makes a top notch chain in o-ring, x-ring and their XW-rings.

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