What to do next year?

I own a street legal 01WR426f. I have two sets of wheel for this bike and up until now, the way I was using this bike was simple: the street tires were on all week long and if an offroad ride was planned for the week end, I would just swap for the off road wheels, take the mirrors off and everything was fine.

Here in Ste-Julie there ain't much trails compared to where I was living before. On the other hand, I have the chance to live 5 minutes away from a very nice mx track so I discovered mx riding this year.

Because the rider is more an issue than the bike in my situation :cry: , I think my WR would be OK for the track next year but I'd have to remove all the dual sport stuffs in order to keep it at a decent weight... The last time I went at the mx track, I putted my WR in "mx-ready mode" . I shaved 10 pounds just by removing blinkers, mirrors, front and tail lights, horn, passenger pegs, odometer... didn't even need to take the battery off and I reached -10 pounds! No need to say I felt the difference and I liked it :cry: .

My problem is that swapping week settings (dual sport) to week end settings (mx) are about ot become quite tough compared to the quick wheel swap I was used to :cry: . I don't see myself removing all those dual sport accessories for the week end and putting them back on every sunday night of the summer:thumbsdn:

Because of that, I've considered two options. The first is transforming the WR into a WZ (which is rather easy), use it for the track and buy a street bike to commute to my job.

The second possibility I've considered is keeping my WR with street wheels and use it to commute to my job, sell the second set of wheels and buy a used 01-02 YZ250f or 426f for the track. What is cool with this possibility is that this way I would still have the possibility to ride a street legal WR off road by using the wheels from the YZ.

I don't really know what is the best way to fly but I'm tempted to say the last of the two is the best and is probably the cheapest. :cry:

Some of you got any advise? Anything else I should consider? :cry:

Thanks for your input. :lol:

Go with a trick Dual sport kit! Leave the wiring on the bike. The headlight with front turnsignals and horn comes off in a minute with one phillips screw driver and 2 bolts! The rear fender mounts to a stock YZ fender. Buy a YZ fender and mount the UFO tail piece to the fender with 4 bolts. Get a YZ front number plate and mount it to an extra set of rubber fork mounts like the Trick dual sport comes with. Therefore in 5 to 10 minutes tops! You can switch from a YZ front number plate and fender to a full dualsport with plate, turnsignals front and back, horn, high beam, headlight etc. :cry:


Thank you very much Indy.

I'll consider this option too. I did not know this kit was so easy to install.

I'll talk to a representative see what I can do.

I could probably sell the baja design kit I own at present...

Thanks again :cry:

why not get something totally different for the track, like a 2 stroke? Would be fun.

I also considered this possibility but I'll probably never go back to the 2 smoke... to me, the new generation of four strokes offers the best of both worlds: fairly light with plenty top end power + bottom end power just like the old 4 strokes and even more. I just love those bikes too much...

Thanks for your reply. :cry:

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