98 YZ 400 rebuild cost?

Hello, I am going to purchase this yz 400 for 500.00 dollars and because the the decompression lever is stuck I cannot kick it over. I am wondering if anyone can tell me how much a shop would charge for rebuild? I am think the valves may have been hit, I know they are a 100 bucks a piece, plus more for whatever else..any ideas? Should I talk this guy down more? Your advice is very much appreciated. I am lost on this, this would be my first 4 stroke.


It cost me $1500.00 to completely rebuild my 99 YZ400




Complete Crank/Including Rod/Wrist Pin

Both Crank Bearings

Timing Chain

Complete Gasket Kit

Complete Clutch Basket Assy (Hub/Basket/Plates/Springs/Pressure Plate/Rod/Outer Bearing)

High Output Water Pump

NOTE: After 4 years of harescrambles racing, the only things that actually needed to be replaced was the Timing chain, as it was a bit worn, and the Clutch basket because it had some pretty deep grooves in the basket ears from the plates shifting back and fourth. Everything else was fine, but since I had already had everything in my parts bin I figured what the heck, My kid likes the bike and it would basically be new all over again.

I would look at the bike meticously before I spent a bunch of money replacing things. The 99's are basically bulletproof if the oil has been changed on a frequent basis. (You can get a good feel for how it has been maintained, by draining the oil and removing the Clutch basket on the R/S and the Flywheel Cover on the left side and inspect it for sludge build up and excessive metal shavings. I also remove the oil filter cover and run a pipe cleaner down the oil pickup galley way and check for abnormal buildup, If it appears good, I will do a leakdown test to check the rings and the valve seats, If that's good I would go ahead and pull the valve cover and yank the chain as you will already have the flywheel cover off anyway. A chain is not expensive and is very easy to replace. Doing this also verifies the timing and gives you an opportunity to go ahead and check the clearance's and shim if necessary.)

My 2 Cents..

Bonzai :cry:

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