Top speed on Honda Xr100

Hey guys, back for some more n00b questions! What is the top speed on a stock Xr100

52 mph :cry:

id have to disagree,

i have speed tested 2 xr100's, 2000 and a 2002.

both would get to 45mph or 70kmh then start valve bouncing

so what are you basing your info on :cry:

Damn dude I didn't expect it to go that fast. The actual speed is not posted on the honda website. Thanks for the QUICK replies guys :cry:

my old lady clocked me on hers at 45 MPH. it's bone stock and i weigh about 260

shoot ,i had mine up to a hundred. :cry:

What Was The Gearing

13 Front 21 Rear

I Think It Matter On Your Weight Too

I Have My 03 Xr100 Pit Bike And It Sure Doesnt Seen That It Does Even Close To 50

at the thomaston dam, i once saw an xr 100 do 12 m.p.h. with a tail wind. boy, those things really wind out in 5th gear :cry:

the top speed of your bike is the top speed you can control it, figures are just accademic :cry:

Enjoy your bike and be the master not the slave to the power :cry:

id have to disagree,

i have speed tested 2 xr100's, 2000 and a 2002.

both would get to 45mph or 70kmh then start valve bouncing

so what are you basing your info on :cry:

I have a friend who has a 2001 Honda XR100. I searched top speed on here and found 52 mph on the XR100. I raced him on my TT-R 125L and beat him. My TT-R will do 55 - 60 mph. :cry:

My piece of crap Chevy Cavalier will do at least 90. Motorcycles suck.

Thanks for the comments. I weigh 152, so i'm thinking that my bike would be able to reach speeds of 45-49?

Wow my bike goes that fast. But we have had it up to 90 so something wrong. :cry:

I'm suprised as well, it doesn't feel anywhere near 45 but if people on TT say it then it's right :cry:

52 mph :cry:

i have trouble believing this and the TTR going anywhere from 55-60mph... I have to say this is not true.... My 150 hits 60 humming like jackhammer, to achieve it to reach 60 i had to rev it pretty hard and it only stayed constant about 2 seconds... The top cruising speed was 51

My fathers truck was used to test it out on a straight away dirt road...

Maybe it is true, but its hard to believe... :cry:

Why would anyone worry about the top speed of an XR100? It goes plenty fast for its intended use. If you are interested in top speed, you are looking at the wrong bike!!


Yeah but it's our first bike and there is nothing wrong with knowing how fast you are going. :cry:


I too have a TTR125 and I highly doubt it's going anywhere near 55-60 mph! More like 50, mabye with some tailwind.

Also have an XR100, year 2000 and the top speed is probably 45 mph.

My TTR maxed out at 60 MPH recorded with a radar gun and is as souped as it gets. It has a lighter flywheel, fmf power core 4, uni pod airfilter, sprockets for top end, oneal bars, bridgestone tires, oneal/azonic grips, new motoboss brake lever, new plastics, steel brake line, BBR 150cc bore kit, taller seat foam, BBR stiffer rear and front shock springs, bbr aluminum swing arm, bbr chain guide, did ert chain, pro taper bars w/clamps, richer jets, gears set up for top end, anodized blue ecxel rims.

A buddy of mine has a 2002 xr100 sitting in his garage from when he was a kid and with me on it (200lbs) it will go about 48 but its pretty beat up. hope i helped

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