Which tire is has the best durability?

The surface i drive in is both soft mud and has sometimes rocks.

The problem now is that the rear tire wear out fast.

I drive on Michelin S12.

Mud and rock is the toughest tire choice going! :cry:

Forget Maxis IT they dont like mud!

Forget S12's they will round and chunk quickly in rocks and lose their bite!

Front tire options: M12, Pirelli MT18HD

Rear tire options: Trelleborg Tenmaster red stripe ( awesome tire for this combination), Teraflex, Pirelli MT 16

I am sure Dunlop and Bridgestone may have some combinations that work for this as well but I have no experience with them. :cry:

i agree with the tenmaster rear being awesome in rocky mud but steer clear of the trelle maxi grip front, it'll put you on the ground quickly in these conditions(take my word for it) and rocky mud ain't no place to be falling :cry: i've tried the maxxis IT and find that its useless in the mud but does Ok on wet slick rocks. i'm trying the maxxcross SI next on the front,hopefully it can do mud,rocks and muddy rocks. thats a tough combo,for a tire! :cry: hey dan is the supermaster even better than the ten? or is that just a typo?

I 've used the MT16 good tire in the mud and sand great for straight line accelaration.not so good on hard pack or rock. The knobs will crack the carcass of the tire @ the base of the knob.

Yes NCMountainman I did spec the wrong Trelleborg. Tenmaster is the one I used. Thanks for the correction. I fixed the original post as well. :cry:

Thanks for a quick answer.

I will try Trelleborg Tenmaster. :cry:

if you can't find it , its available at works enduro rider (WER)

got the maxxcross SI front in the mail today all i can say is wow! if it works as good as it looks they will probly outsell the IT (in the east anyway),and just like the maxxis rep said,same heavy carcass and the rubber feels the same as the IT. can't wait to get the rest of my winter maint. done and try it out. probly won't be t'ill feb. though :cry: (money thing) has anyone else tried the SI yet?? :cry:

I agree with the M12 Front.

as for the rear, i have used the M-12, great tire, just wears down too fast.

i use the cheng shin 760 tire. Huge knobbies, cheap tire, I go through tires so fast it is the only way i can afford them

my .02

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