New Owner!!!!

:cry: I just got my new 2005 WR450F happy happy joy joy. I have a question in regards to the needle pin and the pilot jet shipped with the bike. My dealer told me that Yamaha Canada will be releasing a service bulliten sometime in the near future. Does anyone have an idea?

Go with an 04 WR needle if you dont want to spend the money on the JD jetting kit. put in a 48 pilot and an adjustable fuel scew where they plugged the bottom of carb. :cry:

Oh and see want "lowedog" did to make up AIS plugs and eliminate that insane plumbing! :cry:

The needle shipped extra with the bike is a GDDUS and the pilot is a #48 and I just orderd a scotts fuel screw.

I dont recognize the needle number?

In my manual it only says #DUS but on the pin its GDDUS

They shipped extra needle and pilot?

The stock needle is not adjustable.

I left the stock pilot with 1.75 turns out on the f/s

Yes when I picked up my bike it had a small bag in the manual bag and in it was an adjustable needle and a #48 pilot jet.

Interesting, mine didn't. I wonder if that's a Canadian thing or the dealers are keeping them like they used to do on the 2-stroke top-end kit.

I know you dont want to run stock jetting on an 05 ! Get the right jetting and do the Lowedog kit and get rid of the Sierra Club plumbing! :cry:

Indy_450 can you please recommend the right jetting for me. I live on Lake Erie so my elavation is about 600 ft.

I would start with 170 main, JD blue#4 or an 04 stock needle in clip #5, 48 pilot jet , 72 starter jet, 2 turns on the fuel screw. That should work for you at high 30's and 40's. :cry:

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