XR 650 vs Yam YZ 426

I am posting this in both sides let me know whawhat you think! I have the opportunity to purchase both Hon is 00 Yam is 01 both for 2k in great shape...Which is gonna be best for all-purpose bike

depends mostly on which version of the Honda 650 ... the air-cooled "L" model, or the water-cooled "R" model ?? .... no comparison on the L ... the Yamaha is much lighter, much more powerful ... R version somewhat closer in power, but still much heavier ... personally, I don't think the Yamahas in general are as durable or dependable as the Honda ... but have the edge in weight, power and handling ... if you aren't an experienced rider, the Yamaha 426, as well as the Honda R, can be a scary proposition ...

Really uncomparable bikes. If you want to dualsport and trail ride the 650 is your choice. If you want to show off in a pit and ride mx get the yammie. I'd have to say the 650 would be the best "all-around" bike. However take that with a grain of salt.

I'll throw in my two pesos here. My last bike was a XR650L and now I have a WR400F. The bikes are night and day different. The XR had the edge on low end grunt, it would pull a stump out of the ground (after the engine was uncorked). It also would lift the tire at will in first and second gear, no questions asked. I loved riding that bike, always had me smiling when I got home. :cry:

The WR revs much faster, is lighter and the suspension is worlds ahead. I ride single track trails, open desert and occasionally commute on my bikes (the WR is plated) and both bikes did everything I asked of them. I don't do much jumping, but the WR makes me much more comfortable when I do. The XR did better at the commute and the WR is better as soon as the road turns to dirt and bumps. I would have kept the XR but I got the only Honda in history to have reliability problems, I had to replace the cam and head twice. :cry:

If you're talking about the XR650R, then it's a much closer match to the WR/YZ Yamaha. I think the Yamaha has the weight advantage and the engine revs faster, but the XR/R is a potent off-road machine and is very versatile. Hell, buy either bike and ride the knobs off it! :cry:

I have only ridden a YZ 426 one time and it seemed quite a bit milder of a ride than my XR650R. But then it wasn't my bike so I didn't really push it. I had watched the owner of the 426 and he was a wild man on that thing. I ride my XR650 for everything so it is an all around bike. In the tight stuff the 650 performs fine but it wears you out if your hanging with the lighter bikes at speed. But if you just keep a leisurely pace in the tight stuff, its plush and keeps you rested all day long. On open ground the 650 is my bike of choice.

Most of it is a matter of preference. If you have an opportunity to ride both bikes do so and choose the one that feels right to you. :cry:

One has lights, one doesn't. Do you plan on doing any night riding?

I have owned both. The YZ426 (mine was an 02) is a motocross bike that revs high, has a very strong (and very fun) mid-range hit. It is a very fun desert trail riding bike but in the real tight technical stuff it tends to stall, but of course you can help eliminate that with a heavier flywheel. And of course it is a decent motocross bike that I found to be a little top heavy and a bit of a handful because of the mid-range hit but I am 47 and no longer a very fast motocross rider and good riders can haul ass on that bike. But I really, really had allot of fun on that bike in the dez.

I got the XR650R (I am assuming you are talking about the R) to convert for dual sport use and that has come to include every type of riding you can think of execpt motocross. The main reason I decided to not convert the 426 to a dual sport bike was because of the realibility issue. Although the 426s have proven to be about the most reliable of the newer 4 stroke motocross bikes, it is not an xr. And if you are going to explore and spend most of your time in the middle of nowhere (which is where I like to be!) then I think it's tough to beat the xr. The xr is a torquey beast that can be ridden at a slow easy pace to near 100mph providing a never ending ear to ear grin. It is very much a do-it-all bike that you don't have to worry about letting you down, I really like mine more every time I ride it.

But both of these bike are serious powerful motorcycles designed for experienced riders. If this is your first motorcycle I would consider a xr400.

I have owned both of these particular models. I had a 2001 426F that I purchased brand new and I must say that it was one of the funnest bikes I've ever owned. I just put a White Bros. pipe on it and re-jetted it and it was awesome. I only ride desert, and the bike did really well; however, after trying out a worked 650R, I decided it was time to step it up to the BRP. I sold the 426F last year just after purchasing the 650R and I still miss it to this day. Yes, I love my Honda (and I better after dumping mega bucks into it), but I also love my late 426F.

It would be a tough decision to make, but look at it like this...If you want a BIG bike capable of riding anywhere over anything with some moderate upgrades, and you're capable yourself of handling it, think seriously about the 650R. If you want something lighter, more abrupt, not really as comfortable, and just plain BRUTE, think seriously about the 426F.

Both of these are great machines in nearly every aspect. Based on your own capabilities, I'm sure you would be pleased with either of the 2. Just remember that they are the BIG BOYS on the dirt.

I have the XR650R, and love it. Learning the correct starting method was a bit of a pain, but once you get that down it's a blast to ride. In it's stock form it needs to be uncorked, and the suspension adjusted, but it rips. Also, if you don't fight the bike, it's not too bad in the tifht stuff. I am 6'3", 205 lbs., in fairly good shape, and can keep up with most of my friends on their CR250's in the tight woods trails. I'm biased, but I'd buy the XR.

Just my two cents.

Winkel :cry:

I am like a few of the other guys here, I have owned both bikes. The first was an '00 YZ426, which at the time, was the fastest and quickest bike I had ever ridden, of any kind. I had a blast riding it for almost a year, before reliability issues forced me to sell it.

I found an '00 XR650R to replace the YZ, being a Honda, I knew it would be reliable, and to this day, it has been.

If the XR650R is uncorked and jetted, it has a lot more low end power than the 426, just as strong of a mid-range, but no top end at all. However, the XR will outrun the YZ at top speed, just barely.

I also own a KX500, which will easily smoke the crap out of either of those four-strokes. More low end, more mid-range, and more top end, and it comes on much, much quicker, not a very friendly bike really, but like the XR, it's super reliable and never breaks. Also the KX is extremely light, being a two-smoker.

My suggestion is to find yourself a good, clean, well cared for XR650R. It's the easiest bike to ride in just about any situation, but you should of course be an experienced rider because these big bore dirt bikes, four stroke or two stroke, are by nature, overpowered, unfriendly brutes.

If you are gonna be riding any motocross, then the yz is ideal. Anything other than that; trails, street, etc. the xr is ideal. I had a '00 YZ 426 that was serviced (oil changed) every three rides. I rode motocross, hare scrambles, and occasional dual sport/wheelie ride. In tight woods, the 426 clutch would overheat. I think Yamaha corrected this problem in the '01. And then after two years of heavy use the crank seized on the yz426. I tore it down, the cylinder, rings, piston, etc was immaculate. The rod bearing and pin was the only problem. I had a 1998 yz400 that did the same thing after about two years. The Yamahas are stout and reliable, but aren't road worthy. If I were gonna build a dual sport, the xr is a hands down winner. The exrta two hundred cc's are needed on the highway, but the extra torque comes w/ a weight disadvantage that will intice a 200+ lbs rider. Not to mention Honda's reputation of relliablity!!

Completely agree with the last post about mx and the YZ. If the riders are equal in ability, the YZF will smoke an XRR on a mx track. A WR probably would too...I disagree with two things mentioned: the post about reliability with the YZ426F, and the post stating an XRR is better than the 426F in low and midrange. My 426F is bulletproof, as is my XRL and an XRR I owned in the past. Regarding power range, low-mid and mid with the 426F is scary fast and moreso than the XRR (assuming oem or equivalent mods). IMO if you're riding mostly desert or woods and very little street, then ds an XRR. If the only street your 426F will see is the 15 mi to the local mx track, than ds that puppy. :cry:

I'm going to have to agree with you Craft, since you own both bikes at the same time. I sold my 426 back in '01, so I'm having to base the feelings of power on memory. My XR650R is somewhat modified though, with the typical uncorking/jetting/exhaust mods, and other, minor mods such as modifying the HRC exhaust tip removing the internal baffle plate and spark screen, drilling numerous small holes in the airbox, jetting the main to 180, and running high octane avgas. It feels extremely torquey, but, after riding my KX500 then hopping on the XR, it feels hopelessly slow and heavy, but still has an enormous amount of low end torque, just no serious kick in the butt all the way up the rev range like the YZ did. Or the KX, which has the widest, strongest power range of anything I've ridden so far.

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