WR450 or XR650?

Hello chaps, I run a trail riding outfit in the U.K. (called Overlander Trail Tours). We operate all year round and also run an annual desert tour in Morocco. I personally ride about 10,000 miles a year, (2000 in the desert). I have been riding an XR600 for years now and like it's strength, simplicity and low maintenance but it is a bit hefty on slippery rocky trails. I was going to opt for an XR650 as I know and trust Honda but have recently discovererd that I can get a 28ltr tank for the WR450 (for my desert trip). Obviously the WR would be much more nimble for the U.K. Do you think the WR would stand 10,000 miles a year? What's the maintenance shedual like? Are they strong bikes? Any particular weak points?

Do you think the WR would stand 10,000 miles a year?

With a LOT of maintainance.

Where are you getting a 7 gallon tank for the WR450? Australia ? :cry:

With a LOT of maintainance.

What the heck is that supposed to mean? I think the YZ/WR is easily the most reliable of all the new generation 4 strokes. The valve issues that all the other guys are experiencing don't seem to be a big problem with the Yamahas. I do think when it came time to replace valves, I'd replace them with Stainless Steel... but that's just me.


If you ride 10,000 miles a year, surely you can justify having both?

The 28Ltr tank is through a contact here in the UK (CORE Racing Imports) who is getting the tanks from Australia. Thanks for your comments on reliability; I have heard that the WR is the most reliable 450 out there, just didn't want to be on the spanners any more than I have to, (I've also got 4 other hire bikes to look after!). It's good to get some real rider feed back. Perhaps I should just have two bikes.....

That is a serious piece of hardware. Better start saving the pennies.... :cry:

I have both in my garage. The 650 is for sale though. For what you are doing in Africa however, I would go with the 650. Bullet proof and fast as hell. For the trails in UK....450 all the way.

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