Keep losing plug on crankcase cover

Just ordered my second replacement plug for the crankcase cover (smaller of the two). Appearently it is backing out as I ride, and then I look down to discover an open hole with oil seeping out and dirt getting in! Anyone else having this problem?

Two words:

Safety Wire

I never heard of it make sure the theads are in good condition and try using lock tite.

Once installed, the plug is flush with the case. I can't visualize how to drill it out for safety wire. Sugestions?

Try drilling it at an angle, from about 2mm away from the slot in the middle & angle the bit so it comes out at the deepest part of the slot. & remember whatever you wire it to should be secure & in such a location as to apply tension in the tightening direction. Maybe add a bead of silicone all the way around the plug after you install & wire it for added protection?

You most likely have a bad plastic plug again. Order another replacement. I have not heard of this issue on any of the WR's or YZ's . I doubt the threads are not machined correctly in the case. Plastic plug is most likely bad on your replacement plug as well. :cry:

nevadajay1, this is a total shot in the dark, but if you've lost several of your timing plugs, I wonder if you should look for a couple of symptoms...

1. Overtightened plug - The plug is plastic, & if overtightened could crack the threaded portion (which you might not see) & make it much more suceptable to falling out.

2. This one is the big stretch... Blocked/kinked crankcase breather hose - Too much pressure in crank case will follow the path of least resistance to get out. I would think that it would simply blow the breather hose off of the top of the valve cover rather than poping your timing plug, but I guess you never know. :cry:

Maybe it's even some combination of all of the above. :cry:

Good luck :cry:

I had the same problem with mine so I just put a small peice of duct tape over it and it has stopped all the problems, doesn't look really good but it does the job.

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