handlebar too far forward??

the way i've got my bikes clamps set-up thet are about a 1/2" forward of vertical center of the forks,does this have anything to do with handling because it feels a little more twitchy since then? the reason i did it was to have a little more room,but if gonna have a negative affect on handling it can go back!(just have to turn around the clamps and it'll be the same amount in back of center) after flipping through some old mags almost all the pros have them back from center. (except ktm) so is this a handling issue or just ergos adjustment? :cry:

Absolutely affects your handling and in just the way you described. I can't really describe it. When you move the bars forward, its kinda like an "anit-chopper" effect. Does that make any sense? :cry: Anyways, farther up the handling is more sharp yet twitchy and vice versa is more stable yet not as quick in the turning. I think thats how it goes...

I have risers that push the bars 1.5" up and 1.5" forward. It had the effect of making the bike much more comfortable and easy to ride.


heck it'll only take a few minutes too see(its just 4 bolts on the hurricanes),it makes sense that would change the characteristics. i'll put it on my list of crap to do this winter :cry:

A general rule of thumb for checking bar position/height is:

Stand on pegs and swing your arms in a normal arch. If the bar is positioned right, just your fingernails should hit the grips. Of course this will vary depending on your riding style and preference.

The twitchy feeling is probably also due to your change in position on the bike...moving your body forward affects the center of gravity putting more weight on the front tire. Check that by doing this your sag is still the same, although it shouldnt really change much just by this.

thanx pooley, i tried that and lo' and behold it was about a half inch too far forward ! right height just too far forward, and you were right on the money with the front being weighted too much,i tried putting more sag in the rear to counter it but just made it too soft.(and that was with the fork tubes flush in the clamps!) will definately back them up a 1/2" . its really amazing how just fractions of an inch can mess up your entire setup!!! :cry::cry::cry:

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