oil change help

ok well i just got an 03 wr450 and need to do an oil change on it but don't know how. I have searched for it and can't find the procedure online anywhere and i son't have the owners manual yet. I am going to change the filter to. A procedure, the amount of oil needed and maybe some torque specs would be great.

Thanks alot.

There is a drain plug on the bottom of the engine. There is also a drain plug on the frame oil tank. Drain both of those. Change the filter on the right side of the engine. Put in 1 quart of oil, start it up and allow it to run for a minute. Check oil level with the dipstick on the left side of the frame (in front of gas tank).


is the crankcase drain plug the bolt that faces the rear of the bike the bottom of the crankcase? And to fill the bike do you pour the oil in the hole that has the blck plug in it on the left side of the engine?

thanks and sorry newb questions!

Something else you might want to consider is getting a Scott wire screen oil filter. You don't have to replace it everytime you change to oil, just clean it. Where I live, the disposable oil filter is $20. You will pay about $70 for the Scott filter but it is well worth it.

Take a look at www. thumperfaq .com this a wr based web site and is full usefull info and should be helpfull.

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