Where can i find specs on a yz450f to tell me top speed and rev limit..stuff like that.


and in the manual

The 2004 revs to 11000 rpm

The top speed you can get an approx by doing the maths


Primary reduction 2.818

Secondary reduction 3.429 with 48/14 sprockets

1st gear 1.929

2nd gear 1.563

3rd gear 1.278

4th gear 1.050

Tyre Diameter 19 110/90 stock, depends what your running

Then deduct 10% for slippage and knob distortion

For most setups its around 90-95mph

This will give you an approx top speed.

90-95on 1 cylynder its getting crazy lool :cry::cry:

how come most people i ask say it tops out around 65mph?¿

i dont know but id belive 90 95 depending on terrain 60 just doesnt seem right to me

the 450 tops out at 80-85, with stock gearing.. .

my friend got clocked going down a road so there was wheele spin.

how come most people i ask say it tops out around 65mph?¿

Because thats as far as they care to go, they are sissy men :cry::cry:

I have a question,

I know you are running desert and such you say.

My question is simple

Do you really think your going to sustain speeds above 65 on any bike in the dirt?

I used to have a trail tech, I know I would hit speeds above 65, my average was 45 mph most of the time. So I suggest who is ever telling you the top speed is 65 is:

1: Pulling your leg and playing you

2: The person has no real clue

3: Your gullible and they are playing you

4: The person your asking is a dim wit and has no clue

I am not poking fun of you, I just find these top speed questions sort of ridicules. Lest just say the top speed of these bikes no one here on TT accept for Doug Chandler has every kept the bike buzzing in that zone

Top speed is for Drag Racing not a MX woods bike

depends on terrain and you

FireMunkie23 whats up with all these questions do you have a bike? or you looking to buy one if you looking to buy one ride them both and it will answer your questions

Who cares what top speed is :cry:

All I care about is torque and hp :cry:

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