Starter problems?

Just look up Marcusmoberg posts and make sure you are not drinking pop while you are reading all of his posts. I always get some up the nose reading his posts! :cry::cry::cry::cry:

:cry: My 03 Starter motor started squeeking the last ride I did, when I pulled it I checked it WAS the motor and Not the starter clutch !

Having ascertained it WAS the motor I stripped it and found lots of water/grit in the brush/commutator end of things.....a quick clean, a dab of grease and a quick re-assemble later it is turns better and has stopped making noises !

one quick word of warning tho if you do strip the starter motor, mark ALL three parts end/centre/end for alignment as if you rotate them out of line...the motor runs backwards...... :cry:

Sounds like my problem. Before I dissambled the starter I checked with the local dealership. A new starter is over $300.00 (ouch!). You've given me hope that a cleaning is all that's needed (seems we ride nothing but mud around here these days). Thanks for the heads up on the allignment :cry: I'll post an update when I know more.

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