Stripped bottom Hex head bolt with flange on Oil Filter Cover?

I was cleaning my scott's filter during oil change. went to put it back together put the top two bolts in (dont remember what order) but went to put the bolt in with the flange and the hex head - there was a little resistance but not much and then it went in but not like I was really cross-threaded. anyhow the bolt wouldn't sit down and tighten.

I pulled it out and the threads were stripped except for a few at the tip of the bolt.

I called parts they didnt have one. I tired to pick his brain about the bolt vs. the case and the hardening aspects of each. The bolt seemed awefully soft.

a few things

1. bolt is a hex head - wouldn't hint to it being a softer allow

2. the bolt is only $0.88 - most case bolts are a couple of bucks

I guess what I'm trying to figure out - is what are the chances that I stripped the case as well as the bolt.

I got it seated enought to where I fired the bike up with no leakes but I'm freaking.

Looking for some feed back.


that happend on my 426 just before i sold it i replaced the bolt & heli coiled the case it was better than new.

what does it mean to heli coil it and how do I do it?

Daveundefined :cry:

what does it mean to heli coil it and how do I do it?

Daveundefined :cry:

is one place you can check them out.

Go to any decent auto parts store like Napa, etc.

Pretty cheap and easy repair.

Make sure you use the correct drill bit size when you prep the hole.

Strong as He!! by the way. :cry:

Almost did the same thing to mine. Try a slightly longer bolt and that should get you buy. Or the heilicoil is the best idea!

You could even try running a thread tap down the hole, might even save the hassle of helicoiling.

Mine almost stripped. I could tell something wasn't quite right as I was tightening it, so stopped. I fixed the threads on both the bolt and the case with either tap/die, or my Craftsman "thread repair" kit (I don't remember if I had the thread repair kit at that time.......~$50 for kit......invaluable when you need it!). Have changed the oil/cleaned filter a few times since and so far so good. But mine wasn't totally destroyed........yours may be worse, if so, the Helicoil would be the way to go.

Interestingly, I had been quite particular on this bike using torque wrenches (Craftsman) for everything, including that bolt at the time it semi-stripped. Had a similar situation with a bolt of the same size on the fork guards. I have now reverted back to tightening those sized bolts by "feel" w/ a 1/4" drive ratchet.

I did the same thing and was shocked as I always start my bolts by hand. I ordered a new bold and used a metric tap/die to gently fix the case and old bolt. I put oil on the threads of the bolts before starting them now.

timeset / tymesert is the better alternative to helicoil. :cry:

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