sprocket bolts

Any one else had trouble with their sprocket bolts coming loose. I know some people say replace the bolts when you replace the sprocket but I thought it was crazy unless you had over torqued and streched the bolts. But low and behold, Mine all came loose on my last ride and they were torqued correctly and red locktite applied.. Only lost one so no harm done, what's up with this?? Big Jim :excuseme :cry:

Be thankful you caught it. With all that power and room for the sprocket to move, the impacting will bust up the rear wheel hub in short order. Its just one of those items one need to check as routine service!

Hey Big Jim, I put new bolts in with every rear sprocket. They do stretch and lose their ability to stay tight. :cry:

One word: Loctite. Been using it for years on all sprocket bolts. Street bikes, pit bikes, dirt bikes, and roadracing bikes. Losing a sprocket/chain is NOT something you want to do.

Thanks for the tip, I was about to change my sprockets for the first time. My old bike, an xr250 didn't have the arm ripping power the wr has and was never an issue.

One word " Danger".

I applied loctite and torqued them to spec when I changed the rear sprocket last spring. After a few rides I checked it again and they were loose. So I did the loctite and torque routine again thinking all was fine.

Finally without warning, on a landing, while I was gassing it, the rear wheel jammed. The rear JT steel sprockect pretzeled and was torn off the hub breaking the bolts bosses on the hub. :cry: It cost me mucho $$$ to get a new hub, rear sprocket and have the wheel relaced, and new sprocket bolts.

If you don't want to change the bolts assly, at least do not reuse the jam nut, get new ones.

Happy new year

New bolts and nuts every time! I have been lucky without a failure yet. :cry:

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