04 Yz450F sitting for 3 months

Hey guys, my 04 yz450f has been sitting for 3 months at my parents due to my military duties... When i put the bike up i changed oil, but forgot to drain fuel and carb. I would like to know what you suggest on doing to the bike before i start it up again...Thanks and everyone have a safe and Happy New Year... :cry:

Drain old gas and install new gas. You may need to re-build the petcock. You must re-build the carb and clean it out with carb cleaner. I'd throw a new plug in to for shiats and giggles.

You might get lucky buy using Yamaha Carb cleaner to get the gunk out of the Carb. The shop can order it for you. You put it in via the fuel line, then let it sit, drain the carb from the bottom bolt on the carb. Will save u the hassle of taking the carb apart.

3 months is not that long, I doubt you have anything major to worry about. Just Drain the carb and tank and fill with new gas. I'm sure it will start and run, but maybe not at 100%. To get back to 100%; Pop the carb loose from the boot and turn it sideways (so cleaner doens't run into the motor), remove the main jet access cover and shoot carb cleaner through the main and pilot jets. Repeat for the fuel screw and the two air jets on the air box side of the carb. Follow with compressed air if you have any. I would guess that this should be plenty and you should be ready to ride!

I agree with Sirthump, 3 months isn't too long at all. Mine sat for at least 4 possibly 5 and I didn't do a thing to it (like change the oil or gas). I was in the middle of a big move and didn't have time to do any of that stuff. I went over to where I am keeping it and started her up. The only noticeable difference was it took about 40 kicks to get her lit up, I realized later I should have primed it more before kicking but I didn't want to flood it. :cry:

I heard somewhere that draining your gas before letting it sit for long periouds may actually be bad since it could cause some of the lines to dry out and crack if left for extended periods. Just something I heard.

Drain the floatbowl of the carb and take a sniff of what runs out. If it smells like varnish than it probably is. My wifies quad and the kids 90 sat for about 5 or 6 month's and they both smelled bad. The gas in the tank was ok but the carb gas stunk. The quad fired up after draining the floatbowl but I had to clean the pilot jet on the 90 to get it to run. Now I fire them up every couple of weeks just to keep the gas new in the carbs just incase they ever want to go riding again :-).

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