Does the 450 have the same valve maintenance as the Honda???

I'm having to adjust, prob replace, the valves in my 03 CRF for the 1st time and was wonder if the YZF has the same maintenance/ problem? I'm looking to get a new 450 this or next year and was THINKING of going back with Blue. I know in the manual they say to adjust every race, ect, ect, but I never touched my WR's in 3 yrs. I really like low motor maintenance. I really didn't see alot of problems with this from Yamaha but want to ask to be sure.


Haven't had to adjust the valves on my 01' yzf yet. From what I can gather, valves in the Yamaha motors last a lot longer and require a lot less maintenance than their Honda counterparts.

Had my wr for 3 years now and only adjusted once. Only 2 valves were out of spec.

The Yamaha does stay in spec longer, however, if your just doing you 2003 CRF for the 1st time, I wouldn't call that a problem. I had a 02 and 03 CRF450 and never had a problem....never. You'll like the Yami!!

Did the first adjustment on my '01 250F last summer. My '03 450F is still in spec. :cry:

Yamaha has less trouble for several reasons. The first is that the material used for the valve is higher a quality grade of titanium, and is processed better. They are nitride coated, like the Hondas', but the stronger undelying metal supports the coating better, allowing it to wear longer. Once the coating wears through, valve wear accelerates, like the Honda, but not as much.

Another reason most likely relates to the fact that Yamaha uses 3 smaller intake valves. Being smaller, they weigh less, which means they are able to use lighter springs to control them, which means lower seat pressure, which is easier on the valve faces. Yamaha also grinds their cams to close the valves as gently as can possibly be done with the valve timing used.

Just replced the piston in mine after 11 months of riding. Valves were all still within factory specs.

A buddy of mine advised me that Honda is now recommending valve spring replacement when you re-shim. Honda is advising it's a racing motor and it part of the maintenance.


I owned a Honda it was a decent bike smooth. W/in the first month I had valve problems. So $500 dollars later I sold it got a yz450f. Best bike I ever rode. You will not have a valve problem w/the yz.

Dont forget to check the oil on the Honda every time you ride!!! I have seen a few guys have issues because it holds so little oil..

There's an article in the new Dirt Rider by Eric Gorr about the valve train problems in all the newer four strokes. Should be required reading for anyone looking at buying a bike.

He details all the problems with the Hondas, Suzukis, and Kawasakis. The only problem he noted for Yamahas was that the rubber plug over the old decompression hole can fall out in the '03 YZ's.

The yz450f is bullet proof :cry:

The yz450f is bullet proof :cry:

Not necessarily.......Even though they are less maintenance than Hondas - if they are not maintained they will detonate - My 03 is getting it's first top end and cam chain - The valves should be looked at after breakin and are usually good for a while afterwards......

Always better to be proactive in maintaning these - otherwise a failure will be very costly.... :cry:

checking valve clearance can save you a very expensive repair bill could be in the two grand area, if you should drope a valve,so take the time to check it out.

The YZ450F is bullet proof :cry:

Looks like I'll be getting a YZ when I decide to trade up :cry:.


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