XR650R Valve adjustment / Radiator damage

Did my first valve adjustment the other day. Just followed the link on Erics Pig Pen site and seems to have gone off well enough. Did about a 30 mile ride afterward and it sounds fine so I'll assume its ok. The intakes were fine, the exhaust was a little tight. Anyone know if thats typically on a new Pig?

One thing I wanted to mention for the archives, watch your knuckles against the radiator fins when doing the exhaust side. The fins are much more fragile than any auto radiator and you have to work right next to them. Next time I might try putting a piece of cardboard in front it to protect the fins. They can be bent back but some decreased airflow is inevitable.

Hadn't seen this mentioned anywhere before so thought I would put it out there with all the keywords in the title for easy searching.

Otherwise, 170 miles and 25% of the rear tire gone (and still stock).

Cheers, Mark

Mine was the opposite. Both intakes were tight.

My intakes were tight also, I have'nt touched the exhaust yet and check them every 1000 miles.

Yours is the first bike I've heard of that the exhaust were tight and not the intakes. :cry:


Thanks for the responses guys,

I need to correct my initial statement though. The the exhaust gap was in fact loose by .001+, i.e. I could just fit a .010 in. Don't know what I was thinking. I will certainly be investing in a better 10mm wrench, as well as a really short screwdriver before doing that again.


My 04 L model: Both exhaust and intake on the left side only were too tight. Result was the choke didn't work and the bike wouldn't idle cold. Adjusting the valves made the problem go away, and saved me a bunch of time I would have spent chasing the jetting gremlins.

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