CR Style front brake routing?

Is it worth paying the extra money to convert my 2004 yz 450f to a direct line front brake (CR style). If you guys could give me some pros and cons that go along with this modification, it would be appreciated.

Its not worth it.

Try ziptying your lever pulled all the way in for one night, it really makes the brake alot stiffer and takes away any free play.

I agree 100% . It is not worth it. You can accomplish the same thing by bleeding your brakes properly. Besides, the Galfer brake line has weak fittings. They shatter the first time you look at them in an odd way.

There might be something to the lightspeed fork guards . The lightspeed guards look better than the stock guards. The shorter brake line does not accomplish much. I think people notice a difference due to new brake fluid and proper bleeding.

This is the fork guard. I like mine set up with a fastline brake line.

The fastline lines are a little difficult to find, but are much stronger than the Galfer.

I disagree with the 2 previous post completely. CR routing is a better way to go for better brakes - you reduce the amt of brake cable. Less cable = better performing brakes. :cry:

I do not know anyone that has ever complained about converting to CR routing.....maybe that is why every hard core rider/ racer that I know of has converted to CR Routing - finally Yamaha got their act together with the 05's - patient ran out from Honda.... :cry:

For the utimate in brakes here is what I have learned:

CR Routing with Fastline Brakeline

DRD mounting kit for 03/04 YZF's or Litespeeds fork protector replacement

Braking wave rotor with either SM15 or CM44 pads

Motul Brake fluid

or you can change your stock brake fliud very often and have ok brakes...from just a ok front brake solution.... :cry:

p.s. the zipty lever trick does work wonders..... :cry:

p.s. the zipty lever trick does work wonders..... :cry:

Atleast we can agree on something.. :cry:

I don't know about the CR routing...but changing from the stock plastic line to braided stainless/teflon lined mad a huge difference front and back. the Ride Engineering setup is CR routing anyway, so it really didn't cost any more, and the difference in braking was HUGE

It's like everything else. it depends on your riding style, what you use the bike for, etc etc. Ihad one on my 426 for 2 years and loved it. When I compared it to stockers they felt really mushy.

I have the Fastline CR style brakeline and the Lightspeed fork guards. My brakeline does not line up well with the guard's clamp. It makes me think that Lightspeed has its own brakelines. It is very tight from the caliper to the clamp. It doesn't line up with the rubber. Anyone have any info on this, it's a 00 yz426.

Make sure you purchase the fast line for a late model CR.

I seriously doubt shortening the brakeline a few inches - on an already short run - will make any noticeable difference at all...

But braided steel lines on the other hand, do.

I rode a buddies street bike once that had braided lines on it and have never liked the way a stock brake lever felt since. You absolutely won't believe it until you feel it for yourself. You can't feel the stock line stretch and swell until you feel one that doesn't. Trust me, the stock ones are like balloons.

Sadly enough though, I haven't gotten around to it yet on my YZ. But I promise its on my short list.

Replacing the fluid about once a month or so makes a big difference. Like others, I suspect the gain from a shorter line is minimal but the gain from useing braided steel is great and worth the $100. Also, the more direct route the line takes makes it less likely you will get a bubble trapped in the line when you bleed it.

Agree 100%, it is a big improvement. When your arms pump up and your hand strength is out the window, it's nice to have strong brakes to help you out. I just ordered the GYTR 270mm rotor to try it out, but might be a little too much, we'll see.

Atleast we can agree on something.. :cry:

Amen brother........I just reply to what works for me........thanks for not bashing the red side does for any input :cry:

I've got the litespeed CR style stainless brake line on my 04 450, and it made a difference in the brakes feel for sure, but as stated above it was probably the fact thta the new line is stainless. The brakes on my 05 yz250 feel better than a stock 04, but not better than the litespeed kit. The plusses to the litespeed kit are the front fork guards are top notch in quality, looks, protection, and fit. You save some unsprung weight by deletion in the long brake hose, fluid that fills that hose, and the bracketry that held it. I know thats minimal, but still an advantage. Obviously the brake lever feel is improved. Draw backs are pretty minimal but here they are. Cost vs. benifit ratio is not very high with this mod, but heres my biggest complaint with it...the galfer brake line! As mentioned above the fittings do look brittle, and where the stock brake line fitting at the lever angles out, this one is strainght! It causes the brake line to rub the number plate, when the stock one cleared it. This is probably pretty nit pickey, but how hard would it have been for galfer to just put a slight angle on that fitting?! My 2cents.

I did the Light Speed guards and a Fastline CR break hose for my 2002 426. I ride MX only and do a lot of front wheel breaking. I can tell a definite difference in my stopping power.


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