XR650R or L

I will be buying a bike in the future but am not up to par on 2 wheels since I last rode a 250r Fourtrax back in 98. I will be riding in So.Cal desert and Baja. What are the differences between the R and L besides air cooled and water cooled? WHich bike will be bet for my purposes? :cry:

the the L model is a street bike with a steel tank, buncha smog-be-gone crap, passenger pegs, e-start, and a weight of around 330 lbs. if you're going to be doing alot of pavement, riding with a passenger, etc this could be a good choice.

the R model is kick only, lighter (but by no means light), much more powerful and competent in the dirt, etc... . you could put passenger pegs and stuff on an R, but if you buy one that is not already plated in california, it will probably be difficult (if possible) to get a license plate for it, so that may affect your decision.

Then the XL650R it is. I had a 350 XL enduro when I was 17 and I am over that on road, heavy crap. I have been kicking the WR450 around also, but I am leaning to the XR more and more.

See other thread asking the same question.

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