Clarke 2.8 GAllon / 2005 WR450??????

Will the Clarke 2.8 tank for the 2004 YZF fit on the 2005 WR? Anyone have pics from both sides of the bike with this tank? IMS tank is more than I need! :cry:

I was told by Clarke that it will bolt on to the 05. I am looking for a tank seat combo. I read in another thread that the SDG seat didn't fit the stock tank correctly. But clarke tells me the 2.8 tank and seat will work together. I don't think I will order mine until next week. If you get one sooner let us know how it turns out.

i dont know how it is with the clark tank but with the ims i know that the new smog pump had to be removed for it to fit. just something to think about.

I purchase clarke fueltank an SDG seat and it worked fine.


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