Exhaust question....

Hey all, I just bought a headpipe on ebay that the guy says is an HRC...I'm not to concerned if it is or isn't. My question is,does anybody have an HRC pipe and can tell me what to look for to tell if it is? Also,since White Bro's has discontinued making their headpipes along with Pro Circuit(Yes,they are making a race system but it's major $$$)What do you guys suggest if my pipe from ebay turns out to be BS?? Thanks for the info.....

Don't leave feedback on ebay till the pipe is installed and fits. Is It stainless steel? Does it fit? Other than that all pipes are pretty much the same or at least an improvement over stock.

Nobody has info? Or has this subject been hammered? Thanks for any help.

I have never heard of a HRC head pipe. I have the bigger HRC tip.

BRP 27

Does using the HRC tip give you lower noise than the typical White Bros E series Exhaust.. I have a noisey one in CA and I don't want to get a noise ticket in Gorman..

No such thing as an "HRC Headpipe" . . Honda makes an HRC exhaust tip, which fits onto the stock headers, but does not make an entire exhaust system. The HRC exhaust tip fits onto the stock silencer.

In my opinion, the stock headers are good, and there's not a need to spend tons of cash on aftermarket headers. Other, simple and cheap mods can be done to increase air intake, richen the main carb circuit, open up the stock exhaust, and running higher octane fuel, which yields quite a bit of extra power.

Maybe the guy is confused about HRC headpipe and HRC exhaust tip? That's possible I guess.

Oh yeah, and the HRC exhaust tip is a lot quieter than the aftermarket pipes. It's a deep, non-penetrating sound, from a distance. To the rider, it can be a raspy, higher pitched note, but not nearly as bad as an aftermarket pipe and silencer.


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04 KX500/fmfgnarly/vforce reeds/illegal

It's quieter than the FMF Q?

No. From what I've heard, and guys I've talked to, the HRC tip is not quieter than an FMF Q. However the modified (drilled out) stock tip is as quiet as the Q, or very close. But the FMF Q from what I've heard, and read, provides better power spread than the stock drilled tip. I have a stock drilled tip in addition to the HRC tip, and to me, it's just too restrictive and slow, and you have to jet the bike leaner than with the HRC tip. I felt that a stock, drilled tip, even jetted correctly, causes a significant loss of low end torque, but seems to help the upper mid-range. But I'm really not that educated on the quiet pipes because in my state there are no noise restrictions. But I am thinking of doing some experimentation with the stock, drilled tip, rich jetting, and a higher flowing intake system, just to see what could happen.

Unfortunately though, more and more often, I find myself thinking about selling my XR650R and riding my KX500 exclusively. It's a quieter, lighter, more comfortable bike to ride, and it's significantly quicker in acceleration, making it a lot more fun, for me anyway.

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