$5500 & 170 miles

Just got my 04 wr450 for $5500 with 170 miles, a smoking steal at that price, and still in virtual show room condition.

After lurking on the site for years, I now have something to work on and ask questions about. I cant wait to tackle the F-up jetting. Just ordered a slew of parts, based on what research I have found on the site.

Way back TT was just the coolest when it was new and only for wr's, seemed like everyday a someone found a new mod to do or try, was really about the brotherhood of making a good thing better.

The 00 wr400 is still kicking strong but not much to do to it or think about when the mods are done. Hence nothing to postfor quite some time.

Team Oatmeal Pie lives....................

Geat buy. I have heard of new 2004's going for $5,200. Have fun on your new bike Congratulations! :cry:

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