xr650r dual sport?

I have an 01 ktm 520exc and a 96 xr600 with a plate. I am considering trading one or both for a 650 with the intention of trailriding dual sporting etc.I was wondering about the cornering ability of the 650,as good as the ktm?at least as good as the old xr I hope.Also I was wondering if it will be as reliable as my old xr(its never had a single problem(Im the original owner).Thanks in advance for any advice!

The 650r is a very reliable bike on the whole, but it does have a few quirks like all bikes (clutch bushing & c/s seal on 2000 & 2001's, right foot peg, etc). Here's a link to various issues to read about http://xr650r.us/issues. I would think your KTM would have a cornering advantage for the tighter off road stuff, but I've only been on a 525exc briefly and can't speak from any 520exc experience, otherwise I'd imagine the 650r cornering ability would be as good as the KTM 520exc, especially for dual sporting.

My XR650R, dual-sported, is the best all-around bike I've owned

and I'm sure you'd be impressed with yours. I'm 160 lbs. and

ride 90 % in tight New England woods but rode it to work 20 mi.

once and it was fine cruising at 60mph.

I wonder, though, why not D.S. your 520 and keep it ?

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