Studdering problem

Ive got an 03 WR 450, which I love, but I think I may have a jetting issue not sure. My bike came uncorked, and rejetted, not sure what size, and an adjustable fuel screw. When I got it, it ran horible, it would die as soon as I touched the gas and it, would studder under acceleration. I adjusted the fuel screw, and the bike seems to run great now, but when I am crusing down a smooth trail, or on the road, at steady throttle not, accel or decel there is a studder or miss. Like its not getting enough fuel. Im not real sure where to start, because it seems to run great other wise. Any advise would be great. Also if anyone has a spare radiator shroud for the right side of the bike let me know, tree caught mine....... Thanks guys Stinson

Steady mid range throttle "hunting" is due to the TPS (throttle position sensor) and its control design flaws. You can disconnect it at the carb connector plug and see if your bike runs better. It is better to have the TPS connected in trials type low speed riding. :cry:

the next time you ride, take about 30 seconds and unplug the throttle position sensor. some guys seem to notice it more than others. if that solves the problem, you won't drive your self nuts trying to jet it out. most riders agree that the bike runs better in off road situations with it connected.

If that dosn't work drop your needle one clip position.

Thanks for the info guys. Stinson

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