trailtech problem

anyone know of an aftermarket rotor that will accept the magnet for the computer?

Don, call up Baja Designs. I was in awe that such an expensive product would mount up like junk. And they do. Baja Designs now has a 6mm bolt that will work with the sensor. It replaces one of your rotor bolts. I think drilling into your caliper mount is outrageous. I bought one and wish I hadn't. When I'm doing 70 on my pig I prefer the "readable" analog display anytime.

I was initially concerned about drilling into the rotor to install my speedo but it was a very small hole and I haven't run into any problems.

gee I drilled my caliper, you drilled your rotor? The rotor mounting bolts don't line up with the sensor. I had everything working but it's time for a new rotor.

I put mine in one of the oval existing holes with some epoxy. So far so good. Had to file off the sharp edges, then it was a nice snug fit. Later of course, I found the "C" clip in the bag which goes on the back of the magnet mount to hold it in place. Oh well, the epoxy is holding fine. A little hoky for a motorcycle I thought, but it works. Mine also came with a magnet bolt combo though no way to get it to line up.


is your rotor aftermarket? if so what brand?

What I meant to say in my reply was that I didn't have any issue drilling into my CALIPER. Oops. My problem when I posted was not enough :cry:

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