Lowering a 2002YZ426F

I need to lower my 2002 YZ426F a couple of inches. Is there any seat or suspension modification that can help me out?


Well you can call suspension shops like Whitebrothers that do the SuperMotard setups. They can lower the suspension, but it is pricey!

Alternatively, you can raise the forks all the way up in the clamps, set the sag correctly in the rear, grind the lower mounting holes in the subframe until slotted to lower the rear fender and cut the seat foam down.

I would go with the seat cut first. My brother in law ocasionally rides my 426 and he cannot touch the ground at all. He has a CRF 450 and shaved the seat and is pretty happy with it. Use a electric carving knife. That seems to work well. Also someone out there that makes foam for the seats that is already cut. Look around on ebay and stuff.

yep, buy a stock seat (cheap) and cut it down with an elec knife.

Thanks for the advice...I will hack away at my seat first....I'll start with the cheap and quick fix first. :cry:

Belt sander works better than the electric knife, ive used both, done many seats.better control.i have a 04yz 450 and a DRZ 400 both seats done i can now touch the ground flat footed, on the DRZ i Installed the #2 kouba link also now has 33"seat height.improves handling quite a bit.

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