Air Filter Question

I was going to order a new (2nd) air filter for my '04 & came across several possible options, & was wondering if anyone else had tried any of them allready.

Option 1 - Buy any decent brand OEM replacement filter & call it good. (~$24)

Option 2 - Buy a Twin Air 4-Stroke filter (the one with the integrated backfire "screen" laminated to the filter) & cut out the screen portion of the OEM backfire screen. (~$35)

Option 3 - Buy a Twin Air "4-Stroke" filter & nifty aluminum "frame" to replace OEM backfire screen/filter frame. (~$104)

Option 4 - Any above option, but in the YZ version instead, needing a few parts from Yamaha, so as to have a "screw-in" attachment, instead of the OEM "hasp & hook" setup. (prices same as above + ~$20 in Yamaha parts).

I am real happy with option 1 using the standard twin air filters. They will out last the bike! I have had 2 that I rotate every ride and for the last 18 months of riding almost every weekend they are showing no signs of wear! Awesome product! :cry:

Thanks Indy.

Has anyone tried option 2 or 3?

I'm curious if there is a noticable increase in airflow with the OEM backfire screen removed.

I'm using option 3...not because I wanted the performance increase of eliminating the backfire screen (which, from my calibrated rectal dyno is none), but because I managed to leave my stock cage in avulnerable posiiton subject to compression failure (left it on the garage floor and it got run over), and the Twin Air combo was the only thing that the local accessory shop had at 5:30 on friday evening prepping for a weekend trip.

In general, the twin air cage is a lot more robust and easier to install. Plus, it seems to seal better. Worth $104? Only if you absolutely, positively gotta have it to ride tomorrow...

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