AIS Again and Again Question?

I'm ordering the lowedag kit for the AIS system but I am going out for some rides before I get it and was wondering what your guys opinions would be on a thought I had to fix it temporarily. I was thinking of cutting the tube that goes from the AIS pump to the front of the exhaust port tube in half and getting a two sided plug of sorts and then placing it inside the ends of the tube that was cut and clamping the hose down on the plug on the both ends. I was thinkinhg that this plug would basically do the same thing as lowedogs kit without the nice clean look of throwing that piece of $h!t away. What are the opinions of the residing gurus on this site about this Ghetto Fix?

If you are going for a low $ fix, it may work to just remove (and plug) the small vacuum line that feeds the unit. Without this, it wouldnt be pumping any air (since the vacuum powers the unit). :cry:

But I have not tested this...just a theory... I ordered Lowedogs kit... looks very clean, I will be installing it this weekend. :cry:

Just ride it as is until the Lowedog kit comes in. :cry:

Take the tube off the 90 on the front of the cyl.(exh. side) and tap it with an 1/8 inch pipe thread tap. Plug it with an 1/8 inch pipe plug and use pipe thread compound.Use a 1/8 inch vacuum cap on carb side of cylinder.And use a 1/2 vacuum cap on the 90 coming out of the airbox.I bought this all at napa very cheap,worked great.

Where can I get this kit? Thanks...

PM Lowedog for the kit. He uses Paypal. I think it is real fair at $30.00 :cry:

FYI, Istill plan on getting lowedogs kit but in the mean time I took a two sided bolt and put it between the tube going from the pump to the exhaust port, I cut the tude in half and threaded the bolt into both sides and zip-tied it on both sides. The Ghetto Fix(trade marked) worked pefectly, I just jetted yesterday and the bike ran way better and now that I have done this I have no backfire issues at all.

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