Windham/RC 450 Seat Carving

I would like to know if any of you guys have seen Windham/RC's carved seats? Even better, have you guys done this modification yourself? The Windham/RC seats have a layer cut out of the seat where you primarily sit (above the pegs), and the back portion of the seat is slightly elevated with a definate 5mm to 10mm ledge. I saw this mod on RC's 450 in MXA and they said the seat was hand carved (nothing else said about it though). I have thought about doing it but do not want to creat a disaster by lack of knowledge. I re-cover my own seats so I have the proper resources to do this. I am 5'10" and 155lbs and would like to lower the seating position a bit. I think winter boardom has officially set in! :cry:

Regards, Happy New Year!

I want to do the same thing for supermoto. Wardy and Henry have the same set-up. I would think they start off with the taller seat foam and shave it down where you sit. The Yz450f as you know has very little foam thickness on the seat as is, not much to shave off unless you start with the taller seatfoam. They use it so that they stay put on the seat under acceleration and not slight back on the seat. I will try to order a taller seat foam and experiment with it...

I think Ceet is making one. I'm not sure if they are making one for the YZF yet or not. Check out the classifieds, general merchandise. There is an ad for it there. It's not as cool as making your own, but it sure beats wasting 2 sets of foam until you get it right.

use a belt sander does nice job ive done several including my yz 450

This is what we did "back in the day" during the early drag bike days. The ideal setup is one of those hot wire knives, you can really sculpt the design nicely. I've had great success with a long fine tooth hacksaw blade and then finish shape it with coarse sandpaper.

After many hours on my 450, I wore down my seat till it was similar to one of them. The bike feels much better in turns when your weight is lower. I'm 6'2 and use to run tall seats because everyone said it would be better for me. I like it lower much better, I don't know about the bump in the back though to keep from sliding back. Would that make it hard to get back there when you want to?

I have been thinking to try this mod out. I have been looking around and the Factory Effex Seat foam seems like the best price. From what it looks like you can't buy Yamaha seat foam unless you buy a whole seat assy. It also looks like you can't buy a tall seat only the stock seat foam from Factory Effex but they do say its "tall" whatever that means. It's pretty easy to cut seat foam so I'll have to give it a try!


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