:cry: I need a speedo for the pig just to pass for the plate, Don't really need the Trailtech $80.00 job, will buy if necessary, anyone know of a less expensive one that will do :cry: A bike speedo? Is there one available that will utilize the existing cable, not the Baja designs one either they want $65.00 for that pile. :cry::cry: Later................

Honestly the Baja Designs one is not crap. Nothing better than an old analog to stare at when your booking down the trail. I would suggest finding an older xr or xl with an analog speedo. I took the one right off my 87' xr250r and it mounted right up. Lasted until my last get off. I can't reset the odo but it still works like a charm.

I used the one from Baja Designs. I have two of them. They work great look soooooo, un-cool! I have the one I had on my BRP just laying around if you live close enough you can barrow it. I live So. Cal. Five miles from where the 60 & I-10 freeways come together in Beaumont.

I don't think you need a speedometer in California, unless the bike came originally equipped with you. I passed without one.

I forgot to mount the speedo on the last bike I dual sported when I took it into the CHP for verification and they had an issue with it. Fortunately I had the speedo inside my truck and showed the officer that it bolted right up and that I was just missing minor hardware to secure the speedo to the mount, etc, and he let it go, but said that he normally wouldn't sign off on the verification unless 'everything' was 100% completed. I'd make sure you have some kind of speedo with a non-resettable odometer installed even if its temporary to minimize any chance for problems.

You could probably find a speedo off a mid-'80s or later XL/XR-L for a good price. My dad's '84 XL600 has one, but he wont let me have it despite green stickering his bike.

J.C. Whitney has a unit identical to the Baja analog but without the resetable trip meter. It was only $35 I believe and mounted to the stock cable just like the baja one. I personally really like the baja unit as that is what I mounted. It is very small and tucks in nicely.

Is the trip meter re-settable to 10ths?

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