Uncorked and Jetted for 6500ft -- RIPS!

Well, finally got my new 650R uncorked and jetted for 6,500ft altitude. Now I know what people mean when people say this bike is a stump puller! Whellies absolutely effortless in first and should be attainable in 2nd while I havn't tried yet. Only thing I have now is a little pop, pop, pop on deceleration which means I'm lean and probably need to richen the fuel screw some. Here is what I did for other high alt riders.

I got all the specs from the various 650R sites. For 6,500 ft the main went to a 160; and pilot remained stock 65s. Needle remained stock in the stock position. Fuel screw I didn't mess with but others with this set up recommended 2 turns out which I will try next to try to get rid of some of that popping on decel.

Airbox restrictions were removed, HRC exaust tip added, and new open carb manifold was added.

All in all not too hard of a job. Getting throttle cables off wasn't easy, nor was it easy to get the carb back on. Definitely put the carb on from the right side of the bike (same side you take it off on). When putting carb back on have the carb to head manifold on the carb and slide it to the engine. Work the back of the carb into the airbox boot. Then slide it all the way in.


It's like getting a new bike, yes? :cry:

Enjoy :cry:

Whats your opinion on the HRC tip as far as noise? I'm thinking of going this route but don't want to blow the dough and then not be able to use it 'cuz its too loud.

If I had to buy that tip, and then end up having to buy some quiet insert for it, I might as well go with a full custom exhaust as I'd be half way there in $.

Here is another higher altitude guy in this thread "unquarking" as he likes to put it. Your stats do sound a bit lean relative to his, (and you do not want to be lean).


Cheers, Mark

The HRC tip is a little loud but it didn't come across as too loud. When you are steady on the throttle it doesn't sound bad. If you gun it, it can get a bit loud though. From what many have said it is not likely to pass a sound test. My bike is dual sported so I will have no problems on the street. Time will tell if I run into any noise issues off-road. I figure I will drill the stock tip since some say it has passed noise tests if I ever need to quiet down.


This is the site I used to go by for jetting at my altitude. I have also conversed with some in Colorado that recommended the jetting I dialed in. I will check the plug and so forth but it sounds like the guy in the link you referred me to totally jetted his 650R for closer to sea level based on what guys have done here with jetting. After looking at the jetting guide again, it looks as though I could have gotten away with going up a couple of sizes on the main. Again, I primarily went with the 160 due to recomendations by others here in CO. It looks as though I can mess with needle without removing the carb so I may try dropping the clip one on the needle.

Here is an old post that I thought explained things pretty well for the area I ride in.

Re: High Altitude Jetting ????

Hold on SMASH. Getting an XR650R to run like a scalded cat at altitude is NOT that hard. I LIVE in Denver and do ALL of my riding at 4800' (Pueblo in the winter) and UP.

Here is what I have done to my '01. Take the stock 49 state bike (no smog crap). Pull the airbox snorkle and block off plate. Open up the intake manafold (or by the power-up piece). Replace the stock exhaust tip with the HRC power-up tip. Now you have a bike that is "uncorked" without spending a grand on the full power-up kit (which does add even more power).

Details for this with part numbers are found at http://www.XR650R.net under "Making the XR650R run right (un-corking it)" on the left side.

Now to jet the beast. Let's start with the hot setup at Sea level with the mods above as a baseline. 175 Main Jet, Stock Needle with Clip in 3rd spot (Some people change the needle with the HRC) and 68S Pilot Jet. Now to correct these settings for about 7000' which is a good Mountian setting for Colorado especially if you are in the Denver area and ride Rampart Range. The correction factor would be about .91. This number is from the jetting chart in the Honda Service Manual. Using .91 the Main jet will be a 160 (175 x .91 = 159.25 fudging on the rich side is 160) The manual also states that if the correction factor is below .95 that you should RAISE the needle one position. So when the sea level guys drop the clip one spot and we raise it back up, so you can leave the needle alone. I also left the leaner 65 pilot jet in my bike which works just fine.

So after a long explination I would just pull the restrictors from the airbox, get rid of the intake manafold restrictor, open up the exhaust with either a hole saw or a HRC tip, and swap the main jet for a 160 or so. The only other thing that I had to do was play with the air bleed screw to get the bike to come off idle better. My setting is 2 1/4 turns out.

You can make a stock bike run great in Colorado for about $10. $5 for a main jet, and $5 more for a cheap hole saw.

Hope this helps!

Cool Resslera! Glad you got it all figured out now! It's great to see a fellow 650R rider get his bike running the way it's intended to run. :cry:

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