Tires...popular question. I just want to make sure.

OK, I need to replace the rear tire on my 1998 yz400. I'm running on an old M12(130/70-19) and would like to replace it with a wider, Michelin S12 (140/80-19). Am I going to have clearance problems? Is this the best tire for the loose sand in Northen Michigan?

i dont know what the sand is like there, but we had a race this summer in manitoba and it was beach like sand and I threw on a Pirrelli scorpion cross. Man that thing hooked up sweet.

I still need to know if I can go to a 140/80-19... will it hit the swingarm? :cry:

because a 4-stroke has more tractable power, your wasting your time with a bigger tire. the added weight wastes horsepower for no improvement in traction.

the 140 michelin is the same as 120 everything else,plenty of room :cry:

loose sand= get a terraflex, don't listen to anyone that reccomends anything else, because they obviously havent tried one, or have too small of a bike for the tire. you DO need a big tire for a four stroke like yours, and The only one that really hooks up for my bike is the TerraFlex. get the 140/80, and switch to an 18inch rim. you will not be dissapointed. Sure the tire is about 75 bucks, but you have to remember, it lasts twice as long as the next best tire, and has atleast twice as much traction as anything else. or you could try the terraflex motocross tire "tread type I", and see if that works for you. I have also heard that kenda millville rear tires are good, although I hate kenda tires, so i'll never buy one. Whenever you get a front, try the dunlop 756, it hooks up on everything. good luck

The Kenda Millvalle rear works very well, and on the front the dunlop 742 is really nice too. I have tried the 756 front and hated it but thats my 2 cents.

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