What is a g-out?

Dumb question... I read this term all the time, yet I don't really know what it is. I just kinda assume it means "gound-out" or bottoming out the suspension in some fashion. Am I correct? Or is it more specific to a particular TYPE of bottoming out? :cry:

It happens immediately after removing her panties....... :cry:

It happens immediately after removing her panties....... :cry:


That would explain why you'd need a good "boinger" to handle it properly! :cry::cry::cry:

That would explain why you'd need a good "boinger" to handle it properly! :cry::cry::cry:

You'd think you woulda gotten that being your name is "beef" :cry:

P.S. It took me forever to figure out what "off-camber" meant so don't feel bad.

Fryboy :cry:

I'll take a stab.

G-out might mean bottoming the suspension on a tight corner or transition from flat to steep. When the g -force pull so hard the suspension bottom. Makes snece to me, my wr 400 would do it all the time until i put new springs in it.

Oh, like when you are drag racing up a whooped dune, and you smack your sack on the seat when your suspension packs up due to already being compressed from pulling the hill. Got it. Not that I've ever done that.... :cry::cry::cry:

:cry: Well living in Idaho as I do a G-out in the desert would mean a (V) shaped pit about 4 feet across in Idaho they do that for run off snow water. If you are ripping across the desert and one of those pop up in front of you ....yes it can happen because you look way ahead of you and it is deceiving because you can see the other side like there is nothing wrong until you are right on it if you let off the gas and go in face first hold on for a ride! If you try to wheelie over it you will be in for a suprise also because of the inertia which will collapse your rear suspension when you hit they are not fun there is a way to hit them the right way and still maintain your suspension but that is a different story. Hope this helps and again thats what we call them in Idaho

Beef a g-out in glamis would be Cruizin a razor as you transistion say from the bottom of the dune up the slipface right where your nuts slap the seat because you werent ready for it and your suspension compresses completely...

:cry: ISBB .........not a pretty picture how ever you look at it just hold on for the ride!

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