What size sprockets you running?

I am talking for mx only?

And your bike is.............


I friend of mine has a fourfiddy and he has stock front sprocket, and +1 tooth on the rear.

Yep i have stock front, and a JT steel 50T on the rear.

I just got a 13T front for mine but have'nt had a chance to put it on yet. I'll let you know if I like it as soon as I get it on.

14 T front

50 T rear on both mine

15/49 (same as a 14/46)

What year?

426 14/50

'03 450F 14/47 for MX with Dubach 4 oz. flywheel weight. Very nice power transitions. Also good for trail... :cry:

15/49 (same as a 14/46)

what bike is it on, if its on the 450 then what do you have one the 250?


15/50 for MX and 14/50 for enduro.

If you are on an 05 you may want to try a 52T rear. They changed the primary ratio in the tranny (made it taller) so you have to run more secondary to make it similar to the 03/04 gearing. I know a lot of people went from 48 to 47 on their 03/04's which calmed the beast down but made the spread between gears larger. I always felt like second pulled to far out of the gate and I was changing to 3rd to close to the first turn. By going to the larger rear I use second to cross the gate, grab 3rd and ride it almost exclusively with an occasional shift to 4th or down to second depending on the track and conditions.

I ran stock on my 03. Then I had an FMF exhaust and a 6oz flywheel. That made the bike real smooth.

what bike is it on, if its on the 450 then what do you have one the 250?


15/49 on the 450. That's what the original question was about. The 250 has the stock gearing, 13/48. It's what was on the bike when we got it, and it seems to be OK for all-around riding.


Like mootmike137 said, what year?

also depends on type of track and track conditions.

In not sure what gearing to do also. MX Only 05 YZ450

I'm going to wait and see how it goes with stock gearing, before changing it. With the weather here in CT I might be waiting another month or so. For now, I'm just interested to hear what others are doing.

Running Renthal 13 tooth on front, stock 48 on back. The 13 on the front is like going up 3 in the back I believe, although some may argue. I'm considering going to a 49 or 50 on the back, since I ride more trails now.

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