Quick fuel screw install on 05 wr450

I know it probably fell down and I didn't see it but that's not what happened trust me. So I go to take out the stock fuel screw and do it very slowly so I can see each part come out and I also put a large box right under the area as well with my other hand cuped right under the fuel screw. As I'm taking it out I see the screw first then the spring then the washer but no oring come out at all I then installed the new one quick so the oring wouldn't come disloged and fall some where(who knows) and evrything has been fine. My question is, has anyone else had the oring not come out with the rest of the fuel screw parts while installing the new screw? If not should I take it back out and see if I can get the oring to come out so I'm sure it's there?

Same here, the o-ring stayed in the carb. Use a flashlight and look up the hole. You may need a mirror. If you see the o-ring in there, just put your new screw, spring, and washer back in. Don't try to pull the o-ring out as it is a real pain to find if it drops out.

I had my spring and wsher drop out last night while cleaning out the floatbowl , the bike has an aftermarket sunline screw on it. there was no oring that came out and there is no oring down in the hole. the only oring on the screw is further up above the threads???

Seven year old dead thread yanked from the grave.....

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